Prefab straw hats

As the name suggests these are prefabricated, unfinished hats. We intentionally leave the last steps, finishing the hats, to our clients. All shapes come in size 58. Minimum order is 6 pieces per style.

You can match any style with any material.

Styles (see photos for reference):

  1. Garbo
  2. Tiffany
  3. Top Hat (“Zylinder”)
  4. Bowler
  5. Baseball
  6. Sinatra
  7. Trilby
  8. Jardiniere


  1. Buntal (black only)
  2. Ecuador panama (from the #2588 shadecard)
  3. Antique florentine (natural only)
  4. Sewn milan (from the #2048 shadecard)
  5. Twisted paper (from the #2501 shadecard))

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